This is Chakra Karki from the Extreme Everest Expedition 2010. After having finished the ritual pooja, or offering to the mountain Gods, our 20 climbers have finally started climbing! They have already crossed the tough Khumbu ice fall and will be going to Camp 2 today. The Expedition Team Leader Namgyal Sherpa has told us from the Camp 2 that the whole team is safe and happy, despite the especially cold weather from last night’s snowfall.

The 20 climbers are set to collect all of the garbage on Mount Everest above 8000 masl and carry it down on descending the mountain. We will bring down the body of one Swiss mountaineer Gianni Goltz. Watch this blog for more updates on our cleaning of the top of the world.

-Chakra Karki, Expedition Coordinator

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One Response to Namaste!

  1. Hardik Sharma says:

    Your doing a great job cleaning the mountain. Your team has taken up a noble task, please keep up the good work of preserving the mountains, for the future generations to explore them.

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