At the summit

This is just a short update to assure our supporters that six of our team members summited Everest yesterday and the second group will be summit today. We were graced with a window of good weather and will be bring down as much garbage as our bodies can afford. Wish us strength and more good weather.

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4 Responses to At the summit

  1. Good Luck and god speed.

  2. Catwrangler says:

    I have been reading these updates and am very impressed with all of you. The fact that you care enough about the mountain and those that have died is honorable. It disheartens me that climbers are willing to walk over bodies instead of creating a cairn or moving them off the ropeline. Also that they use bodies as markers or give them nicknames instead of knowing their real names. The fact that climbers are willing to pay double digit amounts and yet don’t accept their responsibility in regards to their trash. Your task is wonderous and I hope that yourclimbing updates make as much world news as it did before your climb. You have my deepest respect.

  3. Catwrangler says:

    That would be 5 figures not 2.

  4. Pablo Shepa says:

    Congratulations my dear team. I am very happy and proud of what you are doing. Extend my message to every single EEE climber. Please be very careful on your way down. Hugs from, Pablo Torma Frozen.

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