Press conference a success

Our press conference last Sunday 18 July turned out a huge success! Thank you to all those who supported us through attendance, awareness-raising, sponsorship, moral support and well wishes. Friends from the media, thank you for the generous press coverage. For those of you couldn’t make it, below are a few memorable comments made by our respected guests.

Prithivi B Pande, Chairman and Chief Executive of Nepal Investment Bank Limited, Sponsor of EEE 2010

Over the years the debris was covered by snow, but now due to global warming it is being slowly exposed.

Chakra and Namgyal were concerned and wanted to do something about it and had gathered together a voluntary team of 31 people to help clean up this mess in this very dangerous area at very high altitude.

I myself have been concerned not only with the state of our mountain, but with the general state of our environment, and in particular, the garbage issue in our beautiful valley.

Right then and there, without hesitation, I agreed to try and help this unique endeavour to get the corporate sponsorship it required. In addition, I realized that the expedition ought to filmed so that that a documentary could be made of their efforts

This documentary could be shown to people to encourage them to keep the environment clean.

We particularly want to focus on school children, encouraging their awareness and motivating them.

Once the documentary is ready, one of our main objectives is to screen it at schools all over the country in order to raise awareness.

Diwakar Golcha, Chairman of Hulas Steel, Sponsor of EEE 2010

The garbage has created lots of problems for tourists climbing the mountain, as well as lots of accidents. We thought this was a good year to take up the project.

Ang Tsering Sherpa, Immediate Past President of the Nepal Mountaineering Association

I would like to congratulate the clean-up Everest expedition. The mountains are related to all spans of life and this whole region. Clean-up is very necessary.

Yogendra Shakya, Coordinator of Nepal Tourism Year 2011

I think you have done a wonderful job and on behalf of the Nepal Tourism Board, we would like to the credit to say that Nepal Tourism Year started on the right foot.

Dr. Minendra Rijal, Honourable Minister of Culture and Parliamentary Affairs

Two things brought me here today. First, the topic as such, the work that was done. Second, that this whole effort has been coordinated by the private sector.

Clearing 1800 kgs of garbage from Mount Everest was a very commendable task. The clean-up campaign made by the expedition at Everest could render a big support to the Nepal Tourism Year 2011

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