Our team

Namgyal sherpa (Co-leader of the EEE 2010) has been an active man in the field of tourism and trekking for almost ten years. Namgyal has successfully climbed Mt. Everest five times and over 80 mountains in Tibet and Europe. These days, he is involved in mountain climbing training and management. Namgyal Sherpa is producer and director of the Himalayan documentary WITH SNOW, which captures the challenges faced by mountaineers. He took the responsibility of managing the supply of oxygen for the high-altitude cabinet meeting held in Kala Patthar in December 2009, to discuss the impact and consequences of global warming.

Chakra Karki (Co-leader of the EEE 2010) is a tourism journalist, who has been reporting on the Everest region and mountaineering for almost a decade now. Currently a reporter for ‘Nagarik National Daily’, Karki worked in ‘Kantipur National Daily’ and ‘The Kathmandu Post’ for six years prior. He is a seasoned travel writer, who had the opportunity to interview Sir Edmund Hilary, the first man to climb Mt. Everest; Junko Tabai, the first woman to climb Mt. Everest, Peter Habeler, the man who first climbed Mt. Everest without oxygen in 1978 and Apa Sherpa, 19 time Everest summiteer.

Man Bahadur Tamang

Lakpa Sherpa (a)

Lakpa Sherpa (b)

Lakpa Sherpa (c)

Karma Sherpa

Jangbo T Sherpa

Gyaljen Sherpa

Dorjee (a) and Chhopel Sherpa

Dorjee Sherpa (a)

Dorjee Sherpa (b)

Da Nuru Sherpa

Chongba Sherpa

Bhim Karki


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