Final summit

All 20 sherpas are now in camp 2. Our Everest summit has been delayed due to bad weather. Despite the weather, we have been urging on with our ambition to leave the mountain a cleaner place and have thus far collected over 1000 kilos of garbage at our Base Camp collection site.

One group of Sherpas will attempt to summit Everest on the 21st and then begin to collect garbage, gradually working their way downwards.

A second group will summit Everest on the following day, the 22nd of May, and similarly collect garbage on their way down.

-Chakra Karki

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A lighter mountain

After four days of strenuous attempt, we finally removed the Russian boxer Duganov Sergey’s body from the South Col. He was airlifted off the mountain today and is heading homewards to Russia. Swiss climber Gianni Goltz’s body has also been removed.

In terms of garbage count, we have collected 800 kilos of garbage from Camp 4, and are set to reach our target of 2000 kilos.

Keep up with us on this blog in our effort to keep our holy mountain clean and safe.

-Chakra karki

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Recent finds

The weather is quite difficult these days with strong winds blowing. We found three dead bodies in the Khumbu icefall in the presence of Sherpa witnesses and one liaison officer. One of the bodies was identitified as Ang Phinjo and the other two are yet to be unidentified.

Besides these unfortunate finds, we also found some treasure in our trove of garbage – an oxygen cylinder left behind way back in 1986!

-Chakra Karki

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Upwards and onwards

The team is heading up to Camp 4 tomorrow. We will be lifting the body of Russian climber Duganov Sergey whose body was found on the Lhotse Face, the western flank of Mount Lhotse. The team will carry the body to Camp 2 to assist in a helicopter lift off the mountain.

-Chakra Karki

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Rubbish already?!

It has been 2 weeks now since the E.E.E. began on its journey. As mentioned in our previous post, over the past weeks the Sherpas have arrived at Everest Base Camp, the camp has been built and Puja held, and the Sherpas have safely ascended the icefall to set up Camp 1 and Camp 2.  All the loads including climbing equipment, food, camp materials, etc have been delivered to Base Camp, although there were some delays due to cancellations in cargo flights, for which partial loads had to be carried by foot or on yaks.

Yesterday the team of 20 climbing Sherpas went up to Camp 2 to send more supplies, and they are currently on their way back. Although the primary aim of this expedition is to clean the mountain above 8000 metres, the team has run into a lot of garbage on the way to Camp 2 and will bring it down with them. This is their first collection of rubbish! Worth 10-15 kilos per person! Meanwhile, 8 Sherpas have dug out the body from under the snow of Swiss climber Gianni Goltz, who died last year, and have brought his body down from the South Col to Camp 2. This effort was one of the primary goals of E.E.E.’s expedition. The coming days will be used to prepare for the final garbage take down.

At Base Camp, a spot was designated and arranged today to store all the collected garbage and serve as a ‘barometer’ for our team’s progress. This real-time garbage exhibition will also force climbers to confront the ever-growing mound of leftovers brought down from the highest levels of Mount Everest.

Regarding timelines, the coming 3 days will be used to reload and establish the last camp – Camp 4 – at around 7900 masl. After pitching their tents at the South Col, half of the team will head to the summit for the first summit push on May 13 and begin their first cleaning efforts above 8000 masl. Wish us spirit and success!

-Chakra Karki

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This is Chakra Karki from the Extreme Everest Expedition 2010. After having finished the ritual pooja, or offering to the mountain Gods, our 20 climbers have finally started climbing! They have already crossed the tough Khumbu ice fall and will be going to Camp 2 today. The Expedition Team Leader Namgyal Sherpa has told us from the Camp 2 that the whole team is safe and happy, despite the especially cold weather from last night’s snowfall.

The 20 climbers are set to collect all of the garbage on Mount Everest above 8000 masl and carry it down on descending the mountain. We will bring down the body of one Swiss mountaineer Gianni Goltz. Watch this blog for more updates on our cleaning of the top of the world.

-Chakra Karki, Expedition Coordinator

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